I just wanted to thank you again for your help at the clinic this past weekend and I wanted to share the immediate improvements I am seeing.

On Monday (the day after the clinic) I was a little sore, but swam a 3,000 yard workout. At the end I swam 4 x100 free, descend. Last week I started this set at 1:17 and finished at 1:12. After your expert coaching I swam the first 100 in 1:15 and the last one in 1:07!!!! Last night I did 5x50 descend (pushing off the wall) and finished the last one in :29! My Master's PR off the blocks is 28.0 seconds! I guess I was letting a lot of water slip by before you helped me with my catch.

Thank you very much for helping me this past weekend.  I really appreciate your explanations of the physics behind swimming and the energy and fun you put into the instruction.


Syracuse, NY

Dear Sheila,

Recently, I bought your book: Swim Speed Secrets and, now, three weeks later I am experiencing time drops that I wouldn't have imagined possible: not even in my wildest dreams.

Today I went 2:13 for a 200 M Free from a push off. While to many, that is not a very remarkable time, when you consider that three weeks ago I could barely go 2:20, you realize how much of an achievement it is.

The freestyle pull has never been explained so clearly to me. The thing is I thought I had been doing it correctly, but I hadn't.    

The stretch cords that I ordered arrived last week and thus far I have only used them once, so I can't attribute my gains to any increase in strength.

I realize it is early days, but I feel so excited. I think about swimming all the time and I just can't wait to take the next step on my swimming adventure. Your book has ignited a fire in me. Thank you so much.



“We REALLY appreciated you coming a second time. Many swimmers that attended both sessions, myself included, have magically found the water this time and are really “purchasing” the water, its awesome.”

-Suzanne, MI

“Ahhhh, what a week! New bike, training with fabulous Sheila T….and feeling stronger! Thanks SO MUCH again for arranging for Sheila T to come work with us! She is so inspiring and gives me a renewed sense of ability and reference in the water.”

“I am glad I signed up for the swim clinic. I learned a lot. It is good that I am learning the proper technique from the beginning.”

“Thanks@ sheilataormina for a great swim lesson this morning. Did I really improve my time by 10%?”

-Rolf, Nashville, TN