Below are descriptions for, and links to, products I use and find to be of the highest quality. More importantly, the people behind these products are the best of the best. 


I raced exclusively in Aquaman wetsuits during my triathlon career. There is simply no other company that comes close the quality, comfort, and performance of these wetsuits. Aquaman believes that a great wetsuit is made with the best neoprene available on the market and this is why you will find Yamamoto rubber in most of their wetsuit models. I feel great in their entry-level suits, so if you're new to the sport or don't have a large budget, take confidence that you'll do just fine in these. If you do have a little more in your budget, go with their top-of-the-line model, and you will feel like a rockstar!

*Note: I recommend training in your wetsuit at least 2-3 times before you race in it to get the feel of neoprene on your body. I trained regularly throughout the season in an entry-level wetsuit and saved my top model for race day.


I was just introduced to OOFOS footwear and love them! After coaching on deck for hours, I feel the beating on my feet and legs. OOFOS does make a difference in how I recover for the next day. I wish I had known about them when I raced! OOFOS footwear is made of a proprietary material called OOfoam that has 37% more shock absorption than traditional foams used in shoes today. Traditional athletic shoes made of EVA foam deliver rebound and energy return to propel you forward; OOFOS does the opposite. By absorbing impact, OOFOS reduces stress on your feet, legs and lower back, allowing you to recover quickly from any activity and feel rejuvenated.  Not only are OOFOS shoes impact absorbing, they also provide tremendous arch support and comfort to relieve pressure.  They are the perfect shoe to slip into after a long run, tough workout or simply a busy day spent on your feet.

HALO TUBING by LaneGainer

If you've attended my clinics or read my books, then you most likely know about Halo Tubing. It is a staple in my program. Tubing is a dry-land exercise that builds swim specific muscle endurance and strength. I have trained with it since age 15 and firmly believe that I would have missed making the Olympics had I not incorporated this into my program. I am a fan of the LaneGainer Halo brand of tubing, because a great deal of thought went into designing the resistance and length to simulate the exact force changes a swimmer feels in the water + the handle allows athletes to hold their fingers/hands in the position they should hold in the water, which is critical to swimming performance. LaneGainer makes a gazillion other amazing products for swimming and other sports. Browse around their site.