Coaches in the Swim Speed Secrets program are certified to teach the critical elements related to propulsive swimming. At just over 5' 2", Sheila Taormina refined her freestyle technique to win a swimming gold medal at the 1996 Olympics and the 2004 ITU triathlon world championship. She believes elite skills can be learned if taught properly by dedicated, educated coaches.

Coaches certified in Swim Speed Secrets fundamentals understand and coach the following:

   Details of the propulsive underwater pull

   Correct freestyle stroke timing – where in the stroke cycle the arms pass by each other

   Overwater recovery phase of the stroke

   Core movement, rotation, and balance

   Kicking technique + 6-beat kick timing to maximize the kick’s propulsive effectiveness in the stroke

   How to gather and utilize stroke data as a coaching tool

   Hand Speed Change

   Correct Halo tubing technique

IN ADDITION, STARTING ON JANUARY 1, 2018 all Swim Speed Secrets certified coaches are trained & licensed on the patent-pending STGRID(TM) system. (A maximum of two coaches per state, and one coach per country outside the US, will be certified)

What is the STGRID(TM)?

The STGRID – trademarked & patent pending -- was designed by Sheila Taormina in 2017 while researching and writing the new edition of her best-selling book, Swim Speed Secrets. It is a measurement tool that allows swim mechanics instruction to be articulated in measureable, definable, specific terms rather than the vague, abstract verbal cues historically and presently used.

        The STGRID(TM) is used in conjunction with underwater cameras that film a swimmer’s stroke. All movements throughout the swim stroke are measured and analyzed against the grid.

        The key to the STGRID(TM) is in the establishment of measurement standards. The standards have been set by collecting data from Olympic swimmers’ strokes and using that data to formulate a set of parameters that can be communicated to athletes seeking improvement in their performance.

STGRID(TM) photos of 2016 Olympic freestyle gold medalists are featured in the new edition of Swim Speed Secrets.

Swim Speed Secrets/STGRID(TM) coaches by state:

Delaware:  1. Marc Mest

Georgia:  1. Tri Coach Georgia team

Maryland:  1. Michele Tuttle 4th Discipline Coaching

Massachusettes:  1. Dave Lyons

Michigan:  1. Court One Triathlon team coaches

New Jersey:  1. Lorrie Beck

New Mexico:  1. Vincent DeMaio

New York:  1. Sam Sampere  2. Jeff Rochford

North Carolina:  1. Sami Winter

Texas:  1. Cristina Caldwell

Virginia:  1. Sierra Huber

Washington:  1. Kimberly Baba

International Swim Speed Secrets/STGRID(TM) Coaches: 

Ireland:  Maxine Strain